Designer by day, baseball mom by night.

This kiddo loves to play baseball and so he has practices and games several times a week. That means many opportunities for one of his two bats that stick out of his backpack, to ding, break or bonk cars, windows, walls, and heads.

We found this out the hard way, with my new car. 

baseball mom

As a designer, it's ingrained in me to find solutions to problems. Since I couldn't find a solution, I designed and manufactured a baseball bat handle cover that will take one worry out of our busy days. 

Designing the Cover

When I designed the bat handle cover I had a few things in mind to make this baseball mom's life easier. I tested out several materials and found a non-slip material that "sticks" to the handle of the bat without being sticky. I also added a zipper to the bat handle cover to make it easy to get on and off.

Of course something needed to be added to keep the cover safe from being left behind, so I included a small clip to the top to be able to hook to the backpack when the bat is being used. The clip ended up having a secondary job as a bat hanger for the dugout and batting cages, as well as for storage in the off-season. The non-slip material keeps the bat from slipping out of the cover when hanging.

hang baseball bats in dugout, batting cages, and for storage

My goal with this product is to help make life a little easier, and safer, and I'm super happy with how the design turned out. The bat cover is high quality and useful.

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Things kids and adults have said:

"I broke my mom's car window.."

"I don't worry anymore when throwing
the baseball backpack in the trunk."